Surprises of the Semois

The Semois
is a lively river.
Its source is in Arlon,
it crosses Luxembourg province, into Namur province at Laviot,
and finally into
France where it
changes name!

It is thus the “Semoy” that joins the Meuse at Monthermé.
More than 200 kilometres of river cover only 80 kilometres
as the crow flies because it meanders so much.
Villages nestle in the hollows of its many meanders,
while others perch on the heights.
Blooming in spring, smooth and soft in summer,
it swells and comes alive in heavy rainfalls.
In winter, the frost creates impressive break-ups of ice.
For fishermen, the Semois contains treasures that are just waiting
to be served up at dinner.
Especially its famous trout and imposing pike!